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Create an amazing space with our hydroseeding services in Leander, TX

A lush, green lawn will make your property the envy of all your neighbors, but growing a beautiful lawn may not be easy. Austin Hydroseed is here to bring you a solution that works for many different lawns. Our hydroseeding services are perfect for property owners in Leander, TX. With this technique, our experts spread a solution of water, fertilizer and grass seed to coat the ground and help seeds take root wherever there are bald spots on your property.

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Providing the perfect services for your lawn

When you want to refresh your lawn and let new grass grow, our professionals can set your lawn up for success. You can turn to us for:

  • Hydroseeding services - spraying a slurry of grass seed, mulch, fertilizer and water to help new shoots of grass take root and grow into a vibrant lawn
  • Hydromulching services - spreading a sully of seed, mulch, a binder and water to improve and protect the soil and boost regrowth
  • Erosion control services - helping to keep the effects of erosion at bay by implementing various control techniques

We offer free estimates and same-day quotes, so you can turn to our professionals ahead of time to find out how much your lawn services will cost. We also have our Price List page available for you to peruse. Email us now if you'd like a free hydroseeding estimate.

About Us

Hydroseeding professionals that provide affordable, quality service for Residential and Commercial projects. Our company will tailor and create beauty with any design, seed, or wildflower blend you'd like. We offer unrivaled prices, quality, and service as a result of our passion for sculpting elegant landscapes! We do thorough work and go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied, creating green relationships one at a time.

Our Mission:

"Keeping Central Texas Green by providing our Customers the best Hydroseeding products and services available"

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